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[vc_testimonial rating=”5_stars” nameclr=”#000000″ profclr=”#000000″ name=”Ali Watson” prof=”Google Review” bgclr=”#b760a5″ link=”|||”]

This was our first visit today with my 3 year old twin boys and it was a wonderful experience! The clinic is set up to keep the kids entertained and happy while waiting! As we left they both asked to come back! Thank you Smile Buddy for making our first dental visit a positive one!


[vc_testimonial rating=”5_stars” nameclr=”#000000″ profclr=”#000000″ name=”Brittany Bergh” prof=”Google Review” bgclr=”#7ec353″ link=”|||”]

I had my son’s first dentist appointment here and it was wonderful. All the staff were so friendly and made my son feel very comfortable. They have so many things to entertain kids including a really cool movie dome. I also really like that they follow the fee guide so I don’t feel like I’m getting ripped off. Great experience.


[vc_testimonial rating=”5_stars” nameclr=”#000000″ profclr=”#000000″ name=”Taren See” prof=”Google Review” bgclr=”#10b2c3″ link=”|||”]

Dr. Salmasi and his team are so wonderful and made my son at ease from the minute we walked in. Reception was very welcoming and the clinic is beyond what one would expect from a dental office. It’s extremely clean and modern and had a dome movie theatre and games for kids while waiting. Dr. Salmasi was great with my son and more thorough than our last general dentist. It makes a huge difference going to a pediatric dentist instead and I would highly recommend this clinic to my fellow moms.


[vc_testimonial rating=”5_stars” nameclr=”#000000″ profclr=”#000000″ name=”Ginny Wong” prof=”Google Review” bgclr=”#b760a5″ link=”|||”]

Highly recommended!
I took my 2.5-year-old there today to see Dr. Salmasi. We had tons of fun at the play area before and after the visit. Dr. Salmasi is super gentle with my little guy, so much that he let him look inside his mouth, brush and even floss his teeth! I’m impressed!


[vc_testimonial rating=”5_stars” nameclr=”#000000″ profclr=”#000000″ name=”Emily Darichuk” prof=”Google Review” bgclr=”#7ec353″ link=”|||”]

Such an amazing clinic! Everything is so well organized and clean. All of the staff is so professional and welcoming. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone with young children. Will most definitely be spreading the word about them 🙂


[vc_testimonial rating=”5_stars” nameclr=”#000000″ profclr=”#000000″ name=”Jordana Sopkow” prof=”Google Review” bgclr=”#10b2c3″ link=”|||”]

What an absolutely fantastic experience for my 3 and 4 year old! One was super apprehensive to come in but the environment was so welcoming and everyone so friendly he was immediately put at ease. I highly recommend Smile Buddy for anyone with a nervous little one or a little one who is excited to be there!


[vc_testimonial rating=”5_stars” nameclr=”#000000″ profclr=”#000000″ name=”Ashley Larsen” prof=”Google Review” bgclr=”#b760a5″ link=”|||”]

I had a wonderful experience at Smile Buddies with my 4 year old! she hadnt been to a dentist yet and was scared. from the moment we walked in the receptionists were so kind and interactive, the hygenist was gentle and fun loving, and the dentist was patient and was amazing with my daughter! huge rave and ill for sure be going back!


[vc_testimonial rating=”5_stars” nameclr=”#000000″ profclr=”#000000″ name=”Carla Lowerison” prof=”Google Review” bgclr=”#7ec353″ link=”|||”]

Highly recommend. My son needed some fillings done and the staff was awesome! They all put him at ease from the moment we walked in, and handled his worry and nerves with such kindness. The dentist was amazing and made my son feel very comfortable


[vc_testimonial rating=”5_stars” nameclr=”#000000″ profclr=”#000000″ name=”Erica Lucas” prof=”Google Review” bgclr=”#10b2c3″ link=”|||”]

I just took my son here for a checkup and some work what a wonderful experience!! The dentist and support staff made him feel so safe and comfortable! He is typically scared and nervous but not here! He watched his favourite show while getting the work done with no crying or complaining! I will be switching all my kids here! Totally worth the short drive!



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Going to the dentist should be a positive and fun experience for all children! We are committed to providing an enjoyable and comfortable environment that helps children feel more at ease.